Resources - Record Sheets/timetables

Keeping track of medication can be a huge task. Having a medication sheet/timetable will make things so much easier and easily accessible for all.

Here you can clearly see what medication was administered, what time md the dose given. 

Keep medication in one place, labelled clearly. Remember to keep out of reach of children, young people and vulnerable adults. 

Be mindful about any side effects certain medications may have. Write these down and always ask the GP or call 111 I'd you are concerned. 

Other logs to keep 

- Urine output - If you are recording urine output be sure to measure the input of fluids also. 

- Temperature - This is is good to log daily. Log before medicine, after and often. 

- Food Diary 

- Any behaviours

- Stools - Professionals can tell alot by someone's bowel habits. It's a good idea to keep track of this daily. Carers often record this, and if not, you can always ask them to. 

- Any special requests/instructions/allergies - Gavin was always kept at around a 30° angle to help with his chest. If he lay flat he would struggle with his breathing. Any notices like this is really useful and gentle reminders to those taking care of the patient. 

Have notices very clearly displayed, especially allergies and important requests. 

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