Life After A Stroke

 Life after a stroke is different for everyone. There are so many factors that it's impossible to say what it will be like for each individual. 

From our experience, we would say...

- Seek counselling. Even if you feel ok. It's good to talk about how you are feeling, coping and adapting. 

Your GP can refer you to services such as LIFT or Talking therapy. 

- For carers - have time out. Looking after a relative full time is not easy. Take time out for you and don't feel guilty about it. 

- Ask for help - there is no shame in asking for help. It's healthy to share the load. 

- Consider carers - If you don't have carers already, perhaps consider a helping hand. 

- Consider a day centre - Places like Headway are great places to go for those who have suffered a stroke. It gives them the chance to interact with people in similar situations and gives the family some well deserved rest.

- Support Worker - Speak to a social worker about having a support worker. This is a great way for the person who has been unwell to get back out into the community and gives the family some respite. Ask the social worker whether direct payments can cover the cost. 

- Here is some more information on life after a Stroke



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