All About Gav

If we had to describe Gav in three words, they would be,

Never Stopped Talking! 

The truth is we could write a whole book of words to describe him but none of them would do him justice. He was a really special guy. 

One in a million. 

Gav was the beacon of our family. A popular guy, well known, loved, happy, and full of energy. 

On June 1st 2019 Gav collapsed in his garden at home and suffered a traumatic life changing stroke.

The diagnosis was a bilateral celebral infarction stroke. Rare and unfortunately extremely rare in young people. Doctors and specialists were shocked at the type of stroke that Gavin had suffered and knew that his prognosis was not looking good.

From here we will talk about our experiences, how COVID had a huge impact on not only Gavs care but globally for millions of other families and ultimately do our best to hopefully support and give advice to other families/individuals who may unfortunately may have found themselves in this situation.