Right now you may be feeling lots of different emotions. That's ok. It's normal to feel this way. 

This is a worrying time and you may feel like you don't know what to do next or may feel completely overwhelmed with everything that you need to do. 

Here is a checklist of things you may need to consider in the days after a loved one has had a stroke. 

If you have personally been unwell with a stroke, ask a family member or friend to do the following for you, as this may feel too much for you at the moment. 

⬜ Inform the patients  employer of their absence and reasons why. If the patient is a business owner, you will need to contact customers and any other businesses that work closely with them. Banks can freeze everything for a time until things are more clear and definitive. You can ask the ward where the patient is being treated for something in writing to send a copy to the patients employer stating diagnosis and a timeline of how long the patient may remain in hospital. Photo copy several copies - you may need several for different reasons and it's always handy to have a hard copy for yourself. 

⬜ Inform your employer. If you have a close relative (Spouse, Mum, Dad, Sibling, grandparent)  that's in hospital. You may be entitled to Statutory Sick pay.

⬜ If the patient being in hospital interferes with the ability to pay rent or bills start by informing the housing association or landlord. If you have a mortgage, contact your bank/lender as soon as possible to inform them of your situation. Don't be worried, housing associations ,landlords, lenders are usually very helpful in these situations and will offer advice and support. Same goes for any planned payments/bills, inform them separately. Alternatively contact the bank to inform them of the situation. 

⬜ Disability Financial Support - When you have a loved one in hospital, there's quite a lot of waiting around, use this time to look at some of the benefits you may be entitled to or have a look on behalf of the patient themselves. 

⬜ Parking Permit - speak with a nurse/admin staff regarding a parking permit. They will be able to offer you discounted parking or in some cases free parking. The policies vary in different settings. 

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